Police arrest a TVB staff suspected of committing online crimes

(15 September 2020) In response to media enquiries, a TVB spokesman confirmed that the police arrested a Post Production Department staff suspected of committing online crimes.

Police Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau officers arrested the Film Traffic Assistant at about 7 am today. After obtaining the consent of TVB, police took the arrested staff back to TVB City for investigation in the afternoon. The arrested man, aged 25, allegedly harassed or threatened on the internet TVB advertisers; incited others to criminally damage the company equipment; and instigated others to sabotage TVB events or activities attended by TVB artistes.

Today’s police investigation in TVB City only concerned an individual staff suspected of unlawful behaviour and was in no way a search of media organisation.

Since the beginning of last year’s social unrest, there was a surge of online crimes inciting violence, including incitement of others to obstruct TVB news reporting; intimidate TVB advertisers; sabotage TVB events and harass TVB artistes. The company reported to the police on numerous occasions.

TVB greatly appreciates the police for their perseverance and will cooperate fully with the police in its investigation to bring offenders to justice.

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